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This is my info:

I have had acne for approx. 7-8 years. It started when I was in high school and it's been pretty bad since then. Not mild acne by any means, cystic acne with normal pimples too all around my chin, jawline and cheeks. Though never on my forehead where I am the most oily. My face was pretty gross. I haven't had a slightly clear day until now. I've always went to the dermatologist and have taken tetracycline, minocycline, and eurythromi.. i can't even remember how to spell it. I've tried retin-a, vitamin b6, vitamin A, B-complex (I basically went on a vitamin rampage but it didn't help me w/ the acne). I used to do the hydrogen peroxide thing, benzoyl peroxide, proactive, salycic acid, baby powder, talc powder, chemical peels, the works.

I thought about taking accutane a few years ago but was too scared when a friend of mine took it and had real problems with the liver from it and the acne came back a year later. I just didn't want it.

I started coming to these boards because my face had started scarring from being infested with acne for nearly a decade. I was desperate and I learned about Spiro. I found a derm to prescribe it for me and I've been taking it since end of Feb., beginning of March. I take one 50mg pill in the morning and one 50mg pill at night. I take 540mg of saw palmetto in the middle of the day.

It began working for me within a few days of taking it. No initial breakout, all my really bad cysts on my jaw disappeared in days. I had a few stubborn cysts on my cheekbones that took over a month to go away. But they're gone now! And I noticed I don't have dandruff anymore either and I feel a lot more calm. I also noticed a change in that I don't feel as sexual as I used to, but it didn't totally take away my sex drive.

For those experiencing initial breakouts, could it be you are at the breakout stage just before your period? When I took spiro, I had just finished my period, so it gave the spiro some time to work. Or could it be you're allergic? I am not sure what that is.

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