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Okay, I'm not trying to produce any hateful messages because of this...but, I will add in my two cents. Many "healthy eaters" have gotten to be a target of name calling..., such as the term "orthorexia". I'm not saying that orthorexia can not exist,...but let me defend others eating healthy for a moment. The author who coined the term "orthorexia", an obsession with eating too healthy, was not just obsessed with eating healthy. Yes, he did eat healthy, but he also states that he had a fear of eating anything with fat (nuts and fish are in this category), and he also had the extreme fear of eating anything that he himself had not picked from the ground within the time frame of 15 minutes or less when he ate it. Now, for those who avoid grocery store produce because of there anything wrong with this? NO. There is NOTHING wrong with insisting upon having organic produce and organic meat. Personally, I don't want pesticides and steroids etc. from produce and meat going inside of my body. Who would? Secondly, there is nothing wrong with eating healthy. I would like to live longer; I would like to live disease free; I would like to be healthy; I don't want to struggle with sickness and health problems that I caused myself because of my diet or lifestyle. If you can't follow a healthy diet reasonably and it causes you emotional or mental stress..then don't do it. But, just because people eat healthy for health purposes does not mean they have orthorexia. I know that if I eat dairy I WILL get a breakout, so I don't eat it. People know that if they touch something hot, they will get they don't touch it...same thing. If processed foods had never come around then we wouldn't be eating them. So why should we eat them? They are not natural. It is not crazy for someone to not eat cereal, or waffles, or twinkies....our ancestors didn't do it? If people want to call me insane for eating healthy, then that is their choice....but, it makes me happy, it keeps me healthy, I'm not emotionally stressed, and I'll live longer and healthier than them, so who cares? :angel:

By the way, vegans refuse to eat animal products (most will not eat in/out of any place or object that has touched animal products), so does that mean they should be placed in a category of eating disorders?

Okay, now you may make any attacks towards that if you wish. No harm intended, just my opinion.

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