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[QUOTE=frogprince]corn is a cause of acne and cereal is corn. If you do research, you'll see the corn is an inflammatory food.

stop eating cereal.

eat oatmeal, its better.

Actually, fruit is better ;)

Can some tolerate oatmeal? Yes...some can. But, there are many who still cannot. I know that for me sometime last year when I thought oatmeal was safe and added it back in, I came out with some nasty spots. But, if you'd like to try oatmeal...atleast go for something other than the instant packaged kind they sell in the grocery stores...and don't cook it in the microwave. If you must have some type of hot cereal, try quinoa flakes (gluten and wheat free), but even those I would only eat on occasion. You don't HAVE to have just THINK that you do. What's the point in giving up waffles, pancakes etc. if your still going to eat cereal? Besides being the fact that it has denatured grains, its been processed, generally has been fortified with vitamins, most have unnatural sugars, and dairy is involved (or even soymilk...which alot of people still cannot tolerate soy they usually have added sugars and sometimes dairy), not to mention cereal is a bad food combination as far as digestion goes.....well....if you just absolutely *Can't* give up cereal..maybe diet is not a route you should go. If you were to follow any of the "acne" diets...the paleolithic diet/the even better refined acne diet outlined by Prometheus/Wai's diet/or the low carb diet....cereal would not be an option..for any of those. Well, unless you were just following a gluten/wheat free diet..then I suppose you could eat it.

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