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best to go to a derm...most probably wont prescribe it for mild acne for a guy.some wont prescribe it period because they would be open to a lawsuit if you did get sterile and you only had mild acne to begin derm is in harrisburg, wont have any problems getting on accutane with might with spiro but he has some guys on 25 mgs a day.that would never clear my skin.100 mgs a day is about what i need to clear my skin.i also had cystic acne and a very oily complection before i went on spiro.its been great for me!if you went on it for 3 months i cant say it would clear your skin completely but it would definitely get better.spiro does make some people very sick.just like all prescription drugs they should be rx ed by a could be the one person in 5000 that gets sick on spiro.i really dont know the #s on how many people get sick on spiro im just saying some do.i cant believe how many females cant get an rx from there doc for spiro.most docs dont even know spiro is used for acne.also after the 3 months were up your face would probably breakout again because you androgens would be doing their thing again.i dont think a girl could care less if you had mild acne.they always complained that i was too skinny.dont whine about your acne either to them...that wont help you get a girl.but i know how you know guys and girls are alike in a lot of ways and we both produce testosterone.the guy though is expected to keep everything in or he is just a whiner and i think thats why woman live longer because guys surpress their can try to get it from a doc or derm.i had no problem getting it from my doc and my derm but i told my derm i was getting it from my doc!i know about the lack of confidence too.i still have that problem and really thats what girls like is a guy with you have anyone at your school you can talk to this about or maybe your parents?

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