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I'm 20, male, and have had what I would call mild to medium acne for about 2-3 years. When I was 14-17 I had very mild acne, just always had a pimple or two (or 3 or 4). I went to the dermatologist about 3 years ago, he gave me doxycyclene. I used that for a year or so, and it didn't seem to help a whole lot, but didn't hurt either I guess. I figured screw it, I'll just wait it out, it's not THAT bad, I can live with it for a few years and hopefully it will go away. I say that because my dad had pretty bad acne when he was about my age, and he said it went away after a couple years. That was about 2 years ago, and my acne slowly got worse, but it still isn't really that bad. Late last spring I started to get what I think they call nodules below my cheek/jaw line. They were quite concentrated, on both sides of my uppper neck right below the jaw line. I would usually let them go, but would pop them when they came to be a whitehead. It was a bit unsightly, and really had me down in the dumps. I was embarassed and hated it, but figured it would go away in time. Well I continued to have them, sometimes not very bad but then I'd have a bunch of them the next week. The rest of my face wasn't bad, I'd occaisionally have some annoying ones on my nose, between my chin and mouth, and smaller ones once in a while in any random place. I finally decided to go back to the dermatologist last January. He told me that I have a very clean face and couldn't really explain my acne. He basically ended up saying that since my acne is slowly moving downwards (from cheek/chin area a couple years ago to below my jaw line now) that it was a good sign that it was on it's way to leaving, if you will. He gave me Minocycline, and I've been taking that since. Things have improved a little bit, the nodules below my jaw aren't as bad, but they still occasionally flare up. I still get some on my nose and small pimples below my mouth.

So, what do you think? Do you think it will probably run it's course (heading "downward" on it's way to going away)? I've never really used anything special on my face - wash with water morning, usually once early afternoon, then in shower at night. I've never used soap on my face because it dries out my face like crazy, no matter what kind I used.

Any recommendations? Thanks a lot.

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