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I highly recommend everyone try this new regimine that I now do. It has totally 100% cleared my face. It looks great!

First..get on panthontonic acid or whatever it is. Start with 8-10 grams a day then work your way down to 4 grams or so a day like me. 2g morning and night.

Next, in the morning, wash your face with a good scrub like clearasil or whatever. Usually the ones with the Salyonic acid or whatever in the (excuse my spelling) work best. After you scrub, let face dry and then this is key..take a cotton swab and lightly go over your entire face and forehead with hydrogen peroxide. It leaves a tingly feeling and helps to kill all the abcteria left on your face. Then take some oxy pads or whatever ones you prefer and wipe away the Hydrogen peroxide, leaving your face smooth refreshed and dry.

Then apply small amounts of clearasil tinted cream (benzoil peroxide) to areas of your face you want to treat during the day. Not alot, just enough to cover whatever you want.

Maybe around 6 or so at night clean your face once more with the scrub, but no Hydrogen peroxide.

Then right before you go to bed repeat the same treatment in the morning with the HP and oxy pads, only you can obviously apply more benzoil peroxide. Im telling you within a week you will start to notice a big difference. Just be careful not to overuse the hydrogen peroxide as it can dry your face, but you will get used to it and the dryness will fade.

Good luck.
The hydrogen peroxide is SOOOOO bad for your skin. You might "kill" the acne, but you will kill your SKIN too in the long run. It causes free radical damage that will dry out and damage your skin badly in time and it cannot be prevented with moisturizer. There are probably a few things out there that will basically "kill" acne, like gasoline probably, but it would be horrible to keep putting it on your skin. Hydrogen peroxide is for wounds, it is not meant to be used on the skin over and over. And especially combined with benzoil peroxide, salicylic acid and scrubbing, it is way too harsh. Sorry. :(
yeah hydrogen peroxide is like putting rubbing alcohol on your face too.
Well if it works, and the hydrogen peroxide is used for maybe a month at the most, I suppose it is not a bad plan.

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