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it wont make you more feminen unless you combine it with estrogen.i would suggest you dont take it because your under 20 because it might stunt your growth because it surpresses testosterone and might keep you boy-like.......not girl like.testosterone aka androgens are most likely the cause your could try to control your acne by balancing your hormones by diet or if severe go with accutane.if your acne is mild to moderate there is no need to use spiro for a male under 20 but if you have had accutane and everything else and your acne is still severe and it is causing you social and mental problems then i think it might be good to use.but it might be very hard for a doc to prescribe a male under 20 spiro.i have been on it for 19 months and its been great for me but im way over 20 years old!i havnt had any major side effects.

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