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May 3, 2004
arrrrrr i just dont know what to do anymore my face is clear but it looks terrible with all this redness, and scars from past pimples. I need your help guys. what should i do about this redness and what is causing it. I use proactive at night and cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning. The makeup i use is neutrogena skin clearing makeup foundation <--could that be the cause of my redness, but i need it to cover up all these scars, and not to mention all these blackheads on my nose that im giving up on. My face is really smooth but i get the occational brakeout about once a month and its those big ones that leave scars forever it seems and thats y my face looks so bad....i hate not having makeup on because i cant stand how my face looks with all the redness. it makes me so mad because all my friends have beautiful skin and im stuck over here worried if this zit will ever go away. they dont even wash hardly i was thinkn that maybe i apply to much stuff to my skin and its just makin it worse. i tried just not paying attention to it but that didnt last a day. i just wish there was a cure, and i wish i could find that one product that satisfies me 100% oh well keep dreamin huh. Well if you know any product or pills i should be using for my redness and scars please respond thanks and good luck to all!!

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