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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this newsgroup for a while and have learnt a great deal
from all the great advice on offer.

I am 24 and have quite oily T Zone skin especially my nose, which has
resulted in a lot of oiliness, LOTS of blackheads and large pores on my

While i'm sure this isn't as bad as a lot of other peoples acne problems, in
an otherwise clear face, it is very annoying for my nose area to be so very

From researching the net, the reccommended product to deal with persistant
blackheads seems to be Retin A gel applied to the area for several months.

If this is not successful then one would graduate to using Tazorac gel.

Can anyone offer their advice regarding either of these products and their effectiveness on blackheads?

Many thanks to everyone,

My 15 year old son started using Tazorac about 5 weeks ago. His face seemed much better in a few days, then got worse again. The dermatologist said to expect improvement in about a month. We have noticed great improvement in the last week or so, so a month seems to be right. He had large areas of acne mostly on his upper cheeks and nose. I'm happy with the improvement. We go back the 27th so we'll see what the doctor thinks. If she's not happy, she suggested Accutane. That really scares me so I hope this is the right medicine for him.

Edited to add: His biggest problem is actual pimples, so I'm not sure how long it takes to work on blackheads.
Hi Grace,

From my research Tazorac and Retin A and most other topical retinoids like this require at least 6 weeks to start deriving results so keep at it.

Also I would recommend not getting involved with accutane unless the topical retinoids stop making improvements, because of all the side effects you no doubt know of (I took it myself for 2 months).

I've never used Retin-A, but I'm using Tazorac right now. The initial few weeks of Tazorac are hell, as it's really strong. I've been using it since November, and I've gone form having a face full of pimples to PERFECTLY clear skin. I get the occasional breakout of 1 or 2 small pimples, but it's so insignifiany and infrequent that I don't notice. The only advice I can give is to stick with whatever regimin you are using for at least 2 months... with medications such as Tazorac and Retin-A, which are supposed to PREVENT acne rather than kill it, you'll have to wait until the initial break-out period is over, and the other pimples have faded away. I can recommend using benzaclin to deal with the zits that are already there... it's a good drying medication. I use Tazorac in the evening, and I mix benzaclin into my lotion before I put on my make-up.

Thanks for the two month tip. I think a lot of people use these topical retinoids and expect instant results! Did you use tazorac every night and leave it on all night or put in off and then wash it off later?

No, my dermatologist recommended that I leave it on all night. However, she recommended that I use it only every other night in the beginning, until my skin became tolerant. I don't know what good putting it on and washing it off would do. I would guess it could be a way to adjust to it better?
Hi Aquarius,

May I ask what strength and type (gel/cream) of Tazorac you used and how this was determined by your Derm?

I am using Retin A in conjunction with Tetracycline. My acne is mild compared to others. However Retin A is not cutting it on my skin as it is making little improvement in areas of skin texture, discolouration and dark marks. My 3 months of Retin A will finish end of June and If Retin A does not get better I'll ask to be put on Tazorac. My advice work your way up from bottom as you wont damage your skin TOO much that way.
I have used Retin A for around one and a half year but I used it for Watts.No doubt this is a good medicine but it needs time around 4-6 months to give you desired results.
Take care

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