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I had maybe one or two and I asked my barber what I could do about them. He told me, for the existing ones, pull the hair out with a tweezer, go buy a Mach III razor and start using shaving cream (like Aveeno) and stop doing dry shaves (I used to use my own barber clippers to shave).

Well, I started tweeing them out (and hairs that looked like they were going to become one). Two days later, I had double the amount, except, it was the one that grew under the skin!. I had to cut myself to get rid of the hairs!

Case in point, when you cut yourself, and you heal, you get scabs. Now that I have a clean shaven face, I'm curious to know if other hairs try to grow, will they also become under the skin razor bumps because they are being blocked by scabs!

How in the hell does one get rid of razor bumps in their entiretly, and what can I do in my sitution. Those things are UNSIGHTLY!

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