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Daily routine
May 11, 2004
ok, so I havn't been sticking to this as much as I wanted to, mainly cause I don't feel like it. but i did this for a week straight and it really cleared my face up of pimples, redness and blackheads and shrinked pores a bit. now it wasn't that super fresh smooth clean noticeable, but my face looked alot better at the end of the week.

mornin - during shower, wash face once with soap with hands. turn hot water on really hot, almost scolding (or as hot as you can stand) and let it run on your face for like 30 seconds, then I washed my face with clearasil with hands, rinsed off with same hot water. before gettin outta shower, run cold water on face. rub seabreeze all over and apply mousterizer over it.

afternoon/evening - sometimes I just splash water on my face and wipe it off with papertowel like around 1-2. about 4 I'd get home from skool and wash my face with normal soap with hands and warm water. applied peroxide. IMPORTANCE RIGHT HERE - i put honey all over my face for atleast an half hour, it really does a good job and leaves it real smooth. just clean off with water

night - do the hot water wash, peroxide then seabreeze.

details - peroxide liquid 3%, original seabreeze and pure honey used.

seems like alot, but it really does help. also somthin I really think works is water. try goin like a week without anything to drink but water and try to drink 1/2 the pounds of your weight in water in ounces. it helps clean out your system majorly. I'd recommend for anyone to try this who is sufferin from a really bad case of acne, and see what it does. my face wasn't really bad at all but I'd rather have complete clear skin, y'kno? aite, well g'luck to anyone who mite try this n lemme kno how it went

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