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A vast majority of people will get a breakout after starting B5. It is different for everyone, however usually it takes the form of large cystic ance spots. Even if you have never had them before.
Your body is simply removing toxins. Some of those toxins are removed through the skin in the form of these large acne spots.
How long this breakout lasts depends on two things. 1, how much toxins your body has to get rid of. 2, How much B5 you take.

2, the less B5 you use, the longer your breakout will take to clear. If you take 10 grams a day, the breakout will last for upwards of a month (For most it's less)
If you take under 5 grams, the breakout will last much longer.
Also, this breakout period is greatly effected by your diet. Bad carbs, and sugars, oils, fats, ext... will cause a more prolonged breakout, or a more intense breakout.

But it also seems that true vegitarians have a horrible breakout, and the least luck with B5 working. They also suffer worse side effects. I'm not bashing vegitarians, it's just that I havn't read one good comment from a vegitarian on B5 before.

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