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I'm only at the end of month 2 of my treatment, but I'll tell you what's happened to me so far.
1) I'm on 40mg/day Monday-Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, I take 40mg 2x/day.
2) I noticed results immediately. A very persistent cyst I had on my cheek for 3 months started to finally go down. I was lucky not to have an initial breakout and now I'm completely clear. My face doesn't get oily anymore.
3) No hair loss, thank god! :)
4) I ditched every cleanser, moisturizer, whatever and switched to Cetaphil for cleansing and moisturizing (I also carry around lip balm everywhere I go---I'd be a mess without it!)
5) I had moderate but persistent cystic acne. Most of the bumps that started to form under my skin usually grew to about 1 inch in length and stayed on my face from anywhere from 3-6 months. They were extremely painful and some nights I could barely sleep from the pain. I'd get cortisone injections but I went on accutane to (hopefully) never have to have injections again.
6) I have maybe 2 or 3 red marks that are fading. I just dab a little concealer on it.
7) I guess each person feels differently. It didn't work for some, it worked miracles for others. For me, it's everything I was hoping it would be.

I hope you get accutane and it works for you!
1. can't remember the dosage - it was a while ago!
2. the first month it went worse!! but then it calmed down and got better. If you start now, you should be clear enough to feel comfortable by college in 4 months
3. no, i didn't experience hair loss at all
4. I don't remember my skin being dry because of the medication. I think i was using l'oreal moisturizer at the time
5. I only had acne on my face - nowhere else. it was lumpy (cystic) and it was all over my face. I also had little white bumps under my skin that were quiet visible - man, i was so miserable because of it :(
6. I think that within 4 months it was pretty clear, within 8 months it was very clear
7. I don't know about others, but it was a last resort for me (after i'd taken other things that didn't work) and it totally worked. What a relief.

I wish you luck with it. Also, ask your dermatologist about renova which can compliment medication and help block those pores. Or, ask about alpha hydroxy acids which help. Glycolic peels are good - they really help clear pores up.

Also, in regards to diet. Many think that diet has no bearing, others think it has everything to do with skin. Though skin condition can be determined by hormones, intestinal flora also is thought to be equally responsible for poor skin. If you take antibiotics, be sure to take accodopholus which can renew the good bacteria the stomach (flora) which antibiotics kill - which help to fight bad bacteria.

Also, drink LOTS of water (until you feel bloated!) and try to workout a few days a week - and REALLY sweat, and avoid coffee. I've found those things help. Oh, and if you can, avoid carbs. The best complexion i EVER had was when I was working out frantically 4 days a week, cutting carbs and drinking lots of water.

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