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Oh my gosh you guys, this new combo rocks! I won't give out the website because we are not allowed to here. Just search the internet for Epidermx and find a website that sells the Epidermx and Camellia oil.

I will just share my experience. I used to have these ugly pock marks on my face and I hated to be in the light where you could see each divit ?Spelling :)
Now they are at least 85% better. Some of my friends thought I had laser surgery :bouncing:

It's this new combo that's huge in Northern California where I live. This new combo was started by a nurse in California and everyone is talking about it.

Now, there are some websites who may be charging more than you need to spend, so search around. I didn't pay more than $45.00 for the Epidermx or more than $27.00 for the Camellia oil.

I had tried the combo with some cheap camellia oil and it didn't it's worth the little bit extra.

I wish I didn't have to spend $45.00/jar, but now I don't ever want to go back, so I will put aside some money every month for it.

You do need to keep using it, but once you get to maintenance, you can do a treatment just once/week.

Hope this helps. It really works wonderfully.
[QUOTE=calista]hi beehappy!

i found the website, and i have to say it does look interesting. i have seen someone on here or the beauty/cosmetic board post good things about camellia, specifically Silkia.

so i have some questions:
how long have you been using it?
how many times a week do you use it?
do you use the Camellia oil day and night? (just curious if it will go well under my mineral makeupa)
how long does one jar of Epidermx last?

thanks for your help :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Calista,
I have been using the Epidermx for over a year, but have only been doing the treatments correctly for about 3 months (if you don't get any peeling, you're only getting exfoliation and you want it to go a level deeper). I had only been doing the way those hand held units that Susan Lucci sells only gives you exfoliation as well. I then found out what I was doing wrong and now doing it right and oh my gosh, what a difference.

The camellia oil I too found out about from here and that is what caught my attention as well. I had tried some other junk and the Silkia is what did the trick with the Epidermx for me as well.

I do use the Camellia oil 2x/day...morning and night and I use it as my moisturizer. I also wear sun screen.

Hope this helps :)
Oh, I forgot to answer your other question :)
The Epidermx jar lasts me about a month and I heard that one treatment at a spa in California is $150.00 so it is a huge savings.

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