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oh i typed this long thing and it disapeared. hmph. ill try again. I had acne since i was 13, but BAAAD acne for the last 3 years (21-23) and back in november i finaly found a regimine that works and i had tried everything everyone here has (like antibiotics, prescriptions,soaps galore, changing pillowcases nightly,weird food cleansings, i ALMOST tried the egg yolk and pee things..but ewww, bla bla) i ate in dark restaurants, got in good lighting when possible, avoided leaving my house for a year and moved home and quite school (yea, it was awful) and then over a period of a week or so my red/blue/pink spots all over my cheeks,jaw and chin (like 50) started sloooowly getting lighter (they are still fading, nearly invisible!), and my pimples (i usualy had five to ten small to medium ones at any one time) just stopped. i mean it. it happened slow, and is still happening, but not so slow you cant tell (if something isnt working you can tell pretty quick, dont stick with something like egg yolks if you break out the next day. that would make even my MOTHER break out) and if something DID work in one night i would be so scared it could return just as fast!
i started washing ONCE a day at night, on my chin and cheeks, very lightly with cetaphil for oily skin (even though my skin is flakey and dry and then oily oily the next) i avoided my forehead since it breaks out and gets shiny and reflective when i wash it. other people have other skin though. mine is verrrrry super pale with small freckles. see though skin.
And when i DO get a small blemish i put Benzaclinz on it in a big clump if im home for the night, or i rub it in and it bleaches the redness for a date with friends.
thats all i did for my skin. i didnt let ANYONE touch my face, even my boyfriend. not even ME. unless im washing. otherwise if my skin is flaking i use tweezers. so no hand oils get on it.
then for my diet i added B-complex vitamins . i always thought vitamins were silly until my ex boyfriend got arthritis (hes 23 too) and took vitamins and it virtually went away after suffering for 2 years with it. So i freaked out and looked what rejuvinated skin cells. So vitamin B complex and flax and olive oils. gobs. im serious. today i ate brown rice pasta with olive oil dripping off. And tomorrow ill eat something with flax oil dripping off of it. you would think that would make me all oily but i PROMISE thats not how cold pressed oils work. Only like fried chicken, but f you look at the mediteranean diet it leaves europeans with sparkly glittery skin<3

thats it, im serious. <3 i know it wouldnt work for everyone, because we all have different skin types, but i just wanted to share my story because if theres anything you see that you relate to (like skin type or problem) you could try some of these things. i used minocyclin,differin (which gave me rosacea for a year, upon which my doctor said "yep, youll have that for the rest of your life" and it stopped once i stopped all her creams and washed half as much. oooh, i really didnt like her. she treated me like she was above me cause i had acne, and she didnt care. :*( so i made an appointment after my skin cleared up because i just wanted to show her my skin, and she was sooooooo much nicer to me. uchg.

anyway i wear MAC powder in the palest color some days, but other days if i dont go out or something, i leave my skin alone and dont wash at all, but if i have a blemish i just dab the benzaclinz and go to bed.

im not saying my life is perfect now, clear skin really lets you be free to leave your house, look people in the eye, stop admiring ugly mean people just cause they have clear skin, feeling inferior, make new friends, ect.

but sooo many amazing things came out of me having bad skin...i learned comapssion really seriously! im sooo much kinder and im a much better friend becuase i dont think im perfect and i know we are all flawed, and i suffered so when a friend has a problem im not like "oh get over it" im just a LOT happier. and i feel pretty and attractive..i dont know. <3 your posts are all things i could have written. Me being mean to my boyfriend, being obsessive about my face (like 24/7, even when someone would talk about something else id only be acting like i was paying attention while i schemed for new ways to make my face clear, excited night was almost here,which meant i could go to sleep,...when i was happiest...and then i would be a day closer to clear skin)..okay.ill stop. email me, i willt alk about makeup skin and food until you run out of words<3<3

laurel xoxo

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