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When I took doxycycline, my acne only got worse. It was always just on the surface before until I took this stuff a year ago. Now it's out of control and has been that way ever since. For some people, these antibiotics will work for a longer time but eventually the effect WILL wear off and it's likely that your acne will come back even stronger and take root further under the skin to form a resistance. I have also been on clindamycin which stopped working after a year, erythromycin which is having abolutely no effect on me right now even though i have been taking it for 2 months. My mom, dad, and two older brothers all had acne from ages 15-20. All of them grew out of it and were completely clear by age 20 and not one of them took any antibiotics. Their acne was all very similar to mine, moderate surface acne. I'm the only one who tried this **** and I'm now 23 I have bad cystic acne that will not respond to any treatments and I'm 100% sure that it is this way because of the antibiotics that I took to "make it better". Do some research on bacterial resistance.
I'm sure this does not happen with everyone but according to studies I've read it is getting more and more common.
I know how extremely frustrating and depressing acne is and I know it's almost impossible to do but I wish I would have just left mine alone as far as pills go and stuck with topicals or got on accutane from the beginning (hopefully i will start in a few months after my derm appointment).

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