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[QUOTE]I was always told I'd grow out of it but never did. I finally got myself together and went to see a derm last fall. He told me the only thing to cure my kind of acne was accutane.[/QUOTE]

Anna, I have always been told the same things.... but unfortunately they were never true. I am 26 and did not "grow out of" acne. When I was 18 I was told that accutane was the only option I had left (because topicals and antibiotics had not worked for me). So I tried it, but the results were very short-lived. Many people on this board are really happy with accutane, however, many others are not.

I was always told by my doctors/derms that food did not cause acne, so I believed them. Thanks to this board and thanks to experimenting with it, I have come to the conclusion that diet is a big factor in my acne.

[QUOTE] I'm going back to my derm tomorrow and I know he's probably not gonna be excited about this diet idea and want me to try something else. I basically want to know what to say no to? [/QUOTE]

Of couse they don't like the diet idea! There is no money in them if you go that route! They need people to keep thinking it is a myth, because once somebody discovers that their acne is provoked by diet, that is another patient they loose, so to speak. Say no to whatever you don't want to take. When I went to a derm in Feb (for the first time in like 7 years), I flat out refused to take oral medication. I had been doing that for 10 years, and was tired of medicating myself for acne. I was prescribed differin and benzaclin. She laughed at my notion of diet helping with my acne. When I went back for my 2 month follow up, there really wasn't much she could say to me... the results spoke for themselves!

How is azalex working for you? I personally like the differin, but the benzaclin was very drying and I stopped using it.

[QUOTE]Do I really have to follow the diet strictly to get clear skin or are there key items I can eliminate and still see a good improvement? [/QUOTE]

There are key items you can eliminate to see improvement. In my case, it looks like I will have to follow the diet strictly to maintain clear skin, because every time I eat something I shouldn't I do break out. However, having kids I understand how hard it could be for you to change that drastically. Eliminating dairy is probably the most important thing. You can get your calcium from eating broccoli and almonds, for example. Cutting out as much sugar and processed food as you can will help, as will drinking lots of water and not sodas or sweetened juices.

The "avoid" list is so long, it is usually easier to list what you can eat w/o problems:
Fruits (careful with oranges and bananas)
Vegetables (not just salads, and careful with the dressings if you do have salad)
Meat/Fish/Poultry in moderation
Raw (not toasted or salted) nuts and seeds (but avoid peanuts and cashews)

[QUOTE]Acne has really shaped me as a person and it's so sad, I'm sure you all know what I mean.[/QUOTE]

We all know what you mean. Hang in there. It can and will get better!

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