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I've used differin, and it made my skin worse. I switched to retin-a micro, and that worked well, except it made me oily, and not 100% clear, but I looked fine.

I'm now on tazorac 1%, and I LOVE it! It is a retin-a derivative, but stronger. Also, it controls oil and moisturizes by balancing the skin, unlike retin-a . If it can control my oil, it's a wonder drug! I also use brevoxyl face wash; it's prescription, and I love that as well. My Dr. also has me use metrogel mixed with some elidel in the a.m.--I know, I'm on a lot of meds, but they work.

I know everyone's skin is different, but it works for me: oily, mild to moderate adult acne, I wouldn't say hormonal, although I did just break-out really bad before my last period, and I don't usually break-out.IMHO, I think it was b/c I was using 5%, instead of 1% Tazorac.
Emmanuel--I just started Retin-A micro after 5 months of Accutane (my skin is clear, this is to keep it that way!) and I noticed my skin got really oily as soon as I started the Retin-A micro (like after a week). I thought it was my imagination or the effects of Accutane wearing off. Thanks for the info on Tazorac!

Dee--I have no real info on the Retin-A micro but it is less harsh that the regular Retin-A. Never used Differin.

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