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Yep...those articles prove that Avodart will work. It gets kind of scary when they start talking about Impotence but it also says that incidence was generally low. Have you ever read the warnings on Accutane :eek: ...that sh** makes this stuff sound like a walk in the park. It seems like people should be knocking down the door to get this stuff. I've read articles that say that DHT isn't even what’s the problem? What kind of ticks me off is when you read that first article, "We hypothesized that inhibition of both isoenzymes with the dual inhibitor dutasteride would more effectively suppress serum DHT levels than selective inhibition of only the type 2 isoenzyme," they sound so nonchalant. Like they knew they could do this and just never have or something, whatever though. :o

Oh, I'm a guy sweetjade...could you not tell that by my post? Well anyway, now you know.

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