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[QUOTE]My willpower failed on me yesterday and I was so hungry after playing Football and had no proper Breakfast so I eat 2 packets of Crisps (Potato Chips) and now got a couple fresh white spots, when will I ever learn[/QUOTE]

Don't worry, you're not the only one who's willpower has faltered. I ate dessert at my parents house on Mother's Day and got a big pimple 3 days later. But it was soooo good that the pimple was somewhat worth it. ;) If you do cheat, just make sure to start right back with the diet as soon as possible. By the way, I am finding that I am healing faster now then ever before, so that is an added bonus to the healthy diet lifestyle. How long has it been since you eliminated all/most bad foods?

If I remember correctly, at the beginning of this post you mentioned 2 possible breakfast items you wanted to know if they were good for you. If so, did you try them out yet? I had bought some hot cereal made out of brown rice that I haven't tried yet. Only eating apples and almond butter for breakfast can leave me pretty hungry by the time lunch rolls around. Raw almonds are a wonderful snack to keep on hand, especially if you play sports. Carry a baggie of them around with you if possible for whenever you get the urge to snack on something. They are very filling.

[QUOTE]My parents (My mother mostly) think that i'm crazy and that I will make my acne worse with all these diet changes, no matter how muhc I try and explain I just can't get through to them[/QUOTE]
They are from a completely different era, where bread and milk were the staples of their shopping lists. I drank milk every single day until the beginning of this year, thanks to my parents influence. I'm sure they think it is crazy, but then again, my mother saw my skin improvement and had to agree with me that it was helping me out a lot. Actually, my mother jokingly says she ought to come live with me to lose weight, because I have lost pounds since changing my eating habits. :D
[quote]Thanks for the explanation . Yes, that is why I was so curious as to whether there was a difference between anorexics and the cessation of their cycle, and between CR followers and those that experienced the same thing. I can see how it would be a bad thing in anorexics..because obviously, they are not getting the nutrition they should be, and are doing alot of short and longterm damage to their bodies....but I was curious as to whether it was actually harmful to the body for someone who followed the CR diet/plan.[/quote]

Surgery is harmful to the body. Sometimes it saves lives. You can look at harm a couple of different ways. CR with Optimal nutrition extends lifespans. :) It does cause a mild crisis in the body and there are several known and there could be many unknown side-effects..

[quote]When I was reading the study done with rats, they said that there were no side effects..and it produced optimal reproduction. I was curious because I've also read of others following optimal nutrition diets (not sure if they are CR, but I know their weights are around the target weight or slightly higher of CR followers), and they have experienced fewer or much shorter periods per year..some reporting only 1-2 periods per year. The others I read about who experienced those followed raw food/macrobiotic/optimal nutrition diets, had normal blood results, and nothing that appeared to be wrong with them, other then cessation of menstruation. So after reading all of these things it brought me to a few questions. 1.) Were females intended to menstruate each month? 2.) Is there a difference in loss of menstruation (..and it's effects on the body) between anorexics and CR followers? Hmm...maybe I just think too much . I have experienced lighter and much shorter periods, but not the cessation of them....of course, I also take in 2500-4500 calories a day LOL. I also think you are right about some CR followers using it as a front for anorexia. While researching through some websites, I think I came across a few whose goal did not seem to be optimal nutrition and the benefits of CR, as they seemed very fixated on their weight. Hopefully others do not follow in their footsteps.[/quote]

These are really good questions. I agree about the anorexics. You can also tell if they emphasize exercising or they have "binges" or they talk about "restricting" a lot. Some people following geniune CRON don't even lose that much weight. A lot of CRONies do not exercise. I always wondered that about periods too. It wouldn't seem to be beneficial, or aiding in survival to have one every month. Blood attracts predators. This is why I think a lot of women, and myself, have periods that are sensitive to the weather (adjusting to rain).

[quote]Anyhow, your right..sometimes people aren't really looking for information, but something else instead. Actually, I believe that no matter what information you tell a person, before you've even told them...they already have set in their mind whether they are going to take, believe, and use the information, or whether they are not.[/quote]

Good observation. I think you are right.

[quote]$400 for an MRI? Ouch. As for plane tickets, I heard the prices have gone up a bit due to high gas prices....but hopefully you'll come across a good deal. We could always set up a "Fly Prometheus to Texas" fundraiser .[/quote]

haha thanks for that. I can't accept donations, though. ;) I will be happy to fly out in a few more weeks. It would be so neat to meet you and to see Houston! It would be surreal I think. Oh I forgot to mention I got an e mail back for that CR study. They want my lab results. :)

[quote]No, I have not tried Capoeira. I used to do hapkido and aikido a few years ago, but, my old diet began creating lots of problems with me, and dealing with terrible migraines and tension headaches, along with asthma and fatigue problems..I decided I needed a break from activities. Chin-na is "the grappling art of self defense". It's fairly simple forms, and only uses the arms/hands...and its quite interesting, and effective.[/quote]

Wow I think you are the only person I've met that knows hapkido or even has heard of it. I practiced hapkido a looooooong time ago. Is Chin-na a lot like hapkido? Well, I'm assuming you don't have to avoid activities now. ;)

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