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Hi,ive been reading a few posts were ppl say that they dont use soap on there face,and that you shouldnt use it on your face.My question is if you arent supposed to use soap on your face,then what can you use to wash your face?.Ive never thought anything about using soap on my face or what kind,ive been using Zest.But if soap has anything to do with cuzing acne then i will switch to somthing else,just need to know what is best to use.

Also just wondering if anyone out there is or has used "Natures Cure"acne med.,or that offbrand version of "Proactiv"?.If anyone has used these please post your results from them.Im looking 2 buy 1 of the 2,and would like to get some opinions from ppl who have used them.Also please post about how long it took to notice any (if any)results.Thanks :wave:

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