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I don't know if anyone else in the UK saw this on TV last night, it was very interesting. Craig Charles and supermodel Caprice were made over using all manner or weird and wonderful stuff, to have bad facial disfigurements, they both were made to look as if they had horrific burns/disfigurements on one side of their face. They went out onto the streets and saw people's reactions, it must have been very strange for Caprice, such a beautiful woman, having people look at her funn because they found her appearance repulsive. Anyway, also on the show were some people with genuine disfigurements, people who will have to put up with these things for the rest of their lives. One of them made a comment that, 'I wish facial disfigurements could be seen as a non-issue, like acne'. That set me thinking a bit, firstly because to compare acne to what some of these people have to put up with, is nothing, and secondly because maybe we do think that our acne or the fact we have acne is considered worse than it actually is. Do most people actually care or notice that people have acne? I'm sure people have tales to tell about times that they feel they have been judged because of acne. Me too. However I think all in all it is not as badly perceived as we may sometimes think it is. It is largely accepted as a pretty common rite of life, whether that be teenage or adult. However the main thing I did feel when I watched this programme was a bit of humility. One guy on there had a bad disfigurement AND had bad acne. I know that it is no as simple as to say 'we shouldn't worry about acne because many people are worse off', obviously we will still agonise over acne because to us it is so important. However, spare a thought for people who must live for 50, 60, 70 years, with a disfigurement that some people will not even go near because it freaks them out. No one wanted to go near caprice when she had her make-up on, yet she is extremely beautiful in reality. Whilst my skin may be a constant source of anxiety, I thank God my condition will pass, unlike some people's.

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