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hi folks,

just thought i let u know how my first smoothbeam went today. for some background, ive had acne for over 13 years (currently 25 yrs old), and ive been on accutane 3 times, and last month i spent 1000 dollars on clearlight (or clearjunk as i like to call it) with zero results. actually my acne got worse during the clearlight and it just felt like i was sitting under a light bulb for 15 minutes. so i switched to a new dermatoligist and before my first smoothbeam, my new derm put me on a combination of clenia/benzaclin/tazorac/minocin, which worked wonders! my face cleared up within a week! so now im just hoping the smoothbeam will help me from breaking out again and get rid of my scars. well, so 2 hours before the appointment i had to glop this numbing cream on my face to help with pain. but actually it didnt help to much. everytime they turned on the beam it felt like someone was slapping my face with 1000 tiny rubber bands all at once! i had to take a few breaks cuz of the pain (i was on level 11 then up to level 12).but as soon as they stop the laser, the pain goes away. the whole process took about 20 minutes or so and now my face is kinda red like i got sunburned. so far, im happy with the results except for the redness, my derm's gonna keep me on all the other topicals and antibiotics until i finish 3 more smoothbeams (every 4 weeks)...anyone else have luck with smoothbeam? :)

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