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[QUOTE=TRINITY76]Sorry to say its a complelete waste of money I wish I could go back in time and get my money back it does nothing and does not get rid of acne the only thing it does is help with oil,now I'm someone who has struggled with acne my whole life, moderate, nothing has helped me, I thought getting the smoothbeam was my answer, i was so hopefull, I even convinced myself it was working I did 5 treatments. I went in for the light scarring I had, did absolutely nothing. In fact all I had to do was try Accutane and I would've saved almost a thousand dollars. They just prey on Acne victims and get them to fork over money by telling them how great their skin will look.Do yourself a favor get your money back and go onto accutane. Trust me its a waste of money.[/QUOTE]

BUT IVE BEEN ON ACCUTANE 3 TIMES!!! Ive been seeing a derm for over 12 years and ive been on so many different prescriptions i think i even know more about acne than most dermatologists do! they gave me a choice: go back on accutane for the 4th time or try smoothbeam, so i decided to go with it because im at the end of my ropes. also, i got lucky and found a really good derm that does smoothbeam for only $225 a session! thats about half what others charge. plus its only once a month, so its not so hard on the pocketbook either. so yes, i do recomend accutane before any laser treatments, but when youve already tried that 3 times like me, you can obviously see where im coming from

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