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I just wanted to say that I have gone from full breakout mode including cystic acne to 99% clear in 4 months. I will be posting my before and after photos on the internet tomorrow for anyone to go and see. If you're interested, here's how...

First, if you are using salicylic or glycolic cleanser, when your face begins to heal and you are just dealing with redness and little spots, stop using those cleansers. Switch to a gentle, mild formula like Cetaphil or Dermalogica calming cleanser. The others are too irritating and you will continue to perpetuate the non-healing cycle.

Beyond that, the 4 things that cleared my face are:
*Switching to a gentle cleanser
*Zovia birth control pills (Once I got off Yasmin, I stopped getting cysts [B] completely[/B])
*4 colonics
*2 Microdermabrasion treatments

I am going for my 3rd microderm tomorrow. They have virtually eliminated my uneven skin tone issues, left over from the breakout.

I am a firm believer, from experience, that all that crap that the Dermatologists prescribe just continue to make you breakout. I don't know of anyone who had completely cleared up from Differin, Retin A or antibiotics.

To be honest with you, my acne didn't get better or worse from my eating habits. It made no difference for me at all, that I could see.

I have been coming to this board for a long time, searching for answers for myself. I know this might not be the cure for everyone, but I think it's important to help others if you have success. Like they say, people who clear their acne stop coming to these boards, so you can't always find out what works.

I'll let you know when my pictures are up and you can judge for yourself. :wave:

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