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Oily skin, to wash or not to wash.. I'm really confused now, because everyone has a different theory! I've decided to wash my face with a cleanser morning and night, and use cleansing wipes to get my make-up off after I come home. Does that sound promising? Or should I just forget about it alltogether?

Also, would an Oatmilk soap bar be considered a "gentle cleanser"?

My acne is mild. The only reason my appearance is depressing me, is because of the little red post-zit spots. They suddenly appeared after a visit to the facial lady :( They're ALL over my face, and it is really REALLY getting me down. That's my worst problem. So, I know this has been discussed before, but what is the BEST way to deal with them?

Is sun bad for your acne? If you're on antibiotics, I understand, but most dermatologists advice against it anyways. Why? My mother wants me to go out in the sun, so that I'll tan, and she mentioned that it would help all the spots to "come out".

Also a few Accutane questions!
Does it help/worsen the little red spots at all?
If you have mild acne, is there a higher success rate?
If a have a high dosage, for a shorter period of time, will there be a bigger chance for getting all those bad side effects? (it's logical, but I really don't know)

I really hope someone replies. Thank you!

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