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I used both and for me, w/out a doubt the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. I'd used the bar b/c a friend of my mom's told her using the bar is how her lifelong acne was cured. I was hopeful but for me it seeemd basically like any other cleanser, and not really mild enough for me -- it dried me out. I gotta admit I used it only a week though ...maybe if I'd experimented I would have seen better results -- if I had tried it every other day or something. (I have a combination of blackheads, sometimes hormonal "underground" painful zits that sometimes do and sometimes don't have a head or pustule, plus regular old zits...)

Anyways, a few months ago there was a thread on these boards about Cetaphil and the advice given was to use the Gentle Cleanser in a bottle, and W/OUT any water, that this cleared this posters face greatly. I think the poster was male. Anyways ...I followed his advice and as far as cleansers go I'm pleased -- it's probably the best I've used so far but it has not decreased my acne -- helped the overall appearance of my skin though? -- Yes -- at least better than any other cleansers -- it's the only cleanser that I've tried that doesn't dry me out. Even this though, I only use it every other day, sometimes even once every two days. I'm a 28 yr old female and I've had acne since I was about 14. I guess you could try both methods to see what works better for you ...the friend of my mom's supposedly had acne so bad she has scarring on her cheeks, and using the bar was a cure for her.

What I do when I use the bottled Cetaphil is use a good amount, and then wipe most of it off w/a towel (dry towel or paper towel) but leaving a thin layer on my face. -Tovah

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