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Jonesy, this might sound ridiculous but I found it on another acne forum, and it apprently is really successful.

"For the past couple of weeks, I have switched over to this method (instead of using glycolic or lactic acid peels) and I can tell you that it really works!!!!!! I've been using the tape on my face and my legs. I have to say that it's really making a difference. My skin is so smooth now and the red marks are fading quickly. It's strange how much dead skin actually ends up on the tape. That has to help with preventing pore clogging! Give it a month and I think you will be impressed with how effective this is.


1. Wash face with normal cleanser, pat dry. (I use Carleys facial wash which has 2%BP)
2. Apply the tape to your face, smooth down and then gently and slowly pull the tape off. You just take a piece of tape off the dispenser and apply it sticky side down to your face concentrating on the areas that are the most dry or where there is scarring. Press it down firmly and then immediately peel off. You should see tons of muck on the tape when you peel it off. Repeat this with a new strip of tape on the next area, and so on until you have covered your entire face. Start by doing it 3 or 4 times a week at first and then progress to doing this daily. Do not keep repeating over the same area at first or you might get kind of pinkish and irritated looking because it really is like giving yourself a mini peel every time you do it. No need to leave the tape sitting on your skin, just apply it firmly and immediately strip it off. Works great.
3. Wipe face with toner/water.
( I then apply MSM gel or copper peptides, or you could apply Aloe Vera gel - but none of this is essential)
4. Any of you using topicals like BP, best to apply it AFTER the taping
5. Moisturise! (I use Jojoba oil)
6. Always use a sunscreen!

If you use this tape method, there is NO need to use peels as well unless you have really bad discolouration and uneveness. It will save you money!!!!!!!

What type of tape to use?

Most people recommend Scotch Crystal Clear Tape (the white, see through/invisible/transparent tape that is used for wrapping presents) but I find that any ordinary sticky tape (In the UK, we call it Sellotape) works just as well. You can buy it at any store - office/school/stationary supplies

Can you use this over active acne?
It is safe to do it over active acne, just be careful not to do it too much in those areas. In my opinion it actually helps them heal faster. "

Maybe that might help you

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