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[QUOTE=annienels]imstuck: do you really think that the BC messes you up? anyone else? what do you have to say?[/QUOTE]

Well, it's just my opinion becuase i haven't seen any scientific studies about it. But then why would there be since it is a huge industry that makes lots of people lots of money. Based on personal experience from myself and other people, the rocky history the pill has, and other weird symptoms such as mood disorders that some people experience when on it, I don't feel comfortable taking it. And it's also just a gut-feeling thing too where my intuition goes "yuck". At any rate those stupid Alesse ads and the horrible way these drugs are pushed by corporations, not to mention the feeling that women are being repressed and monitored in a sense still, when there is little effort to find a male can't deny that there are political and ideological motivations behind things being the way they are. I don't think i should have to mess with my body, and hate that women seem to take for granted that this is o.k. and normal that they should have to do it and not men....

Anyway, oh, sorry about that. You can SKIP THE RANT if it's not too late. It's my personal preference, but i tend to value the natural way in all apects of my life and avoid drugs in general when i can. Err..except Accutane.

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