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I totally had this for years. It looks particularly bad when your foundation is also peeling. I figured it was dry skin - it's not! and I never had a flare-up when I had a derm appt.

So, I also did some research and mentioned it to my derm and she agreed it was SD. She said to use ZNP soap. It has 2% pyrithtione zinc (same stuff in head and shoulders). It's OTC, and it about $7.00 at Eckerd. It's a bar soap, and has a very pleasant smell considering it is medicated. You can also use it on your scalp, so it may be in the shampoo/hair care aisle instead of the soap aisle. if Eckerd does not carry it, they can order it.

I've used it a few times already (I don't think you're supposed to use it every day) and I've had dramatic improvement - the flaking is gone, and so is the redness around my nose!

I'd definitely recommend it. It says right on the box it's meant for SD. And it's only $7! Compared to the money I've shelled out on other acne-related products, this is nothing!

Good luck!!!
Hey Unruhe, I forgot the name of the bar soap you recommended which is why I didn't get it. ZNP soap, I'll have to remember that. I'll probably go back in the next few days to pick some up, so that I can either use that as maintenance once it goes away, or try it if this other doesn't work. I've heard some bad things about using steroid creams long term, so I'd like to avoid using this cream after the SD goes away for a while, and for 7 bucks and only having to use it a couple times a week, sounds like a bargain to me. Thanks for the recommendation!

I've been using the ZNP soap for about a week now. There is no redness or peeling around my nose/mouth area. (Granted, it comes and goes, but I was right in the middle of a bout when I started using the soap).

I've also been using it on my body just for the heck of it. I have intermittent mild-moderate itchiness/acne on my shoulders, back and chest area. I have noticed an improvement in the chest area. It's nasty to have acne there, especially as a female (because they're supposed to be beautiful). It doesn't have that rough, blackhead bumps feeling and the texture/tone looks really good too. I know SD can occur on the trunk as well. Maybe that's what my problem was.

I'm not sure yet if it's improving my back, but I figure it can't hurt. I was using Head and Shoulders as a body wash, which has 1% pyrithione zinc. ZNP bar has 2%, so I figure that's even better. It's so mild-feeling and lathers up really well. It smells great. I gotta say, I'm really surprised considering it's a medicated bar. I totally expected it to be nasty!

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