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I was wondering if people could please post their experiences with microdermabrasion and chemical peels? I have been on Accutane twice (in the past) and have VERY sensitive skin and I was wondering if that mattered concerning these procedures. Also if you have had them done could you please specify:
1. Exactly what was the procedure? (And at what level)
2. If it helped red spots from old Acne, and overall redness?
3. If it helped any scarring that you had and by home much?
4. How many times did you do the procedures? (How many sessions)
5. How much it helped your overall acne and smoothness of your skin?

I would really appreciate it. Thank you
I haven't done any chemical peels. So I can't talk about it. I just know that it's not suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Based on what you said, microdermabrasion is more suitable and will be great for you.

I'm using a home microderm cream. I don't want to do it in a derm's office or salon because it's too much $$$ and the results may not be much better.

The cream I'm using is called Epidermx. It's manual, meaning you just apply it to your face with your fingers. I guess because it removed (safely) the top layer of dead skin, it has helped tremendously with my red spots and pitted scars. My red spots were not that bad to begin with, they were gone after a few weeks. My pitted scars were very deep. They were improved by about 50% in 6 months and about 85% in 10 months.

I have been using it 2x, sometimes 3x a week. It has helped to improve my overall skin tone/texture significantly - I would say about 75% - 80%. As I said above, my main issues were red spots and scarring. I didn't have a lot of active pimples while I was using it. So I don't know if it would help a lot if you have very serious active acne. It would help if it's minor.

I think a home microderm cream like Epidermx works the best for you. Doing it professionally may get rid of your red spots quicker, but it would not do much for your scarring, especially if it's deep. A professional treatment is usually 8-12 sessions. But issues like scars and wrinkles need time to heal. That's why so many people have said that they don't see much improvement for their scars/wrinkles from these sessions, even though their overall skin condition has improved a lot.
I'd be very very wary of doing either treatment on post-accutane skin.
You should definitely let the esthetician know about Accutane use before getting a peel or microdermabrasion.

I have had both, actually. I can tell you, in my case, the peels didn't really make a noticeable difference in my skin and I actually think I burned my skin a little. I had 7 salicylic acid treatments done....once a week for a while. My acne didn't increase or decrease. It might have helped with red marks, slightly.

I just had two microdermabrasion facials in the past month. During the procedure, they use a little vacume like tool that blasts little particles on your skin, while it sucks up the dry skin. It's expensive, but in my case, well worth it. I had persistent red spots that just would not fade. About 3 days after my first treatment, my marks had faded quite a bit and now, after my second, my skin is much better. I plan to have one or two more and then maybe just facials after that, every few months or so.

I don't think that they will do microdermabrasion on skin that is very broken out, but if you have mild acne and want to get rid of marks, it's a really good option for getting over the hump to healing.

I wouldn't say this if it wasn't a noticeable improvement....I know how much money we can drop trying to get this acne cleared, and I wouldn't tell you to spend your money on a useless procedure. It's worth a try.
Yeah wait atleast 6 months.

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