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hey there! yes, they are both retinoids, but i think they have very different effects. i used Retin-A Micro for about 2 months, i think, and i really hated it! it made the skin around the corners of my nose and mouth looked like sun dried tomato. ugh! (but it wasn't as bad as Differin). And no positive results for my acne.

i started using Taz in February. my doc gave me four little tubes of the cream as samples. i had no problems with it, so i asked her for an official prescription. she signed me up for the gel kind. i must say that i didn't see perfect results right away. the website suggests at least 12 weeks of use for optimum results. i have really oily skin, so i feel the gel is better for me. it kind of dries out the skin around my nose, but nothing major...nothing a good moisturizer won't fix. i'm also on yasmin, so that broke me out the 1st & 4th months, but now i'm almost at the fifth month and my skin is starting to look much, much better. i'm very happy.

so if you are sensitive to Retin-A Micro or Differin, you should check out Taz. but i do think the cream is better for sensitive, drier skin & the gel for oily. good luck!

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