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Im 29 years and since i got my first period had a tendency to break out, i dont remember being bothered by acne until i was 23 when i had a huge breakout on my chin , before it was very mild and one pimple didnt bother me..
this first heavy breakout happened after a car accident ( so yes, stress can affect acne) i cured it with a with chinese doctor , it was preety bad and lasted about 2 or 3 months ..
, a year ago i broke out again after years of good skin ( after i got divorced and moved to a new country), this time only on my lower back and jawline , but deeep cystic acne!!!!!!! very painful , i cried for months and didnt concentrated in anything else..
I went to chinese doc again and helped a lot but was very expensive and had no insurance (im in Europe), finally i cured my acne in 2 months with the following:

fasting (i saw results right away!!)
saw palmetto (very very good)
green tea
soy products
no milk stuff
no sugar (a must)
no refined foods
no refined carbs
no drugs ( i mean recreational)
liver flush ( with lemon and olive oil)
lots of water
clove and oregano face steam bath every other day...
origins spot remover (dries em fast!)

i had a mild breakout a month ago after overeating,stress, traveling and drinking , started fasting and pimples stoped right away, had to start my old regime again and now im clearing beautifuly , i also decided to try a low dose of spiro and i guess its also working , i thing a combination of medicine and natural cure is the best and fastest way to get rid of it .
my mistake was to forget about it and start with my old habits again , i guess i have to live with this all my life !!! also i realised that a giood attitude is one of the most important thing , dont get upset , dont judge , dont blame , your liver will work better and will get rid of hormonal exeses ...
hope that helps ,xcuse my english

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