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he he, first of all, I love your persistance (I'm the same way) ;-)

Hmm...let's see anything that requires preservatives you may not want to eat on a daily basis. That means, unless it's organic or the ingredients are good w/ no bad preservatives (MSG, nitrates, BHT, etc), you want to stay away from canned, jarred, or boxed foods as best you can. You also want to avoid deli meats (they are the same as packaged deli meats), along with the processed meats that you get at a fast food establishment. Besides, if you were to prepared these foods yourself, using organic or non-organic meat sources, you will save a lot more money and have more food to eat.

Of course, I don't always do the above. Those that are probably most successfuly, as in 100% clear and have maintained or even gained weight on these diets, are the one's that plan. They are the ones that go to Co-ops to get (organic) fresh fruits and Veggies for less than at the grocery store. The are the ones purchasing organic meats or at the very least using fresh meats to prepare their meals with. If they are vegetarian or vegan, they are the one's consuming primarily only brown rice (need the fiber), over any other (gluten-free) grains. They are the ones that have time to cook daily, or prepare a week or month's worth of meals in advance. That right there is what helps you NOT purchase overpriced fast food on the run, even if they are salads.

With all of that in mind, I do still eat out at resturants, but now I am so much more aware of the fact that spending even $6 on a salad, I could have made a similar salad that would have served 2 - 6 people for that same price! Oh and when I think about the times I've spent $10 - $15 on a no wonder myself and others say we don't have enough money to eat healthy. Ha ha. That extra money, could be better spent on fruits and vegetables, which you should be able to eat in abundance, especially the vegetables.

If you love pickles, you should purchase pickling cucumbers and make them yourself. I love vlassic, but even they don't compare to homemade (must get my friends mom's recipe). Jarred salsa's are usually presrvative free, but double check. Besides they contan peppers and oniions which have antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties so eating those freshly prepared has some advantages.

Oh yeah and definately no battered foods. They will usually have "flour" which means wheat for most of the population. Of course if it says it only uses rice or masa (corn) flour than it's ok. There are buffalo wings that don't have flour on them (TGI Fridays) and those are your best bet. Of course, you can always purchase these from a resturant (Wing Stop, Wing it), they are proably either fried or baked but you get more options for an occasional treat.

Now the problem with condiments is that they may have gluten mixed in, but you can usually tell. Food starch can be Barley, Corn, Wheat or other grains, and usually its stated. Sometimes it says Modified Food starch and when it does, I eat that (odds may be in my favor). When they say hydrolyzed vegetable protein, well I eat that too, but it's a greater odd that it's wheat. Sometimes they will specifically say Gluten Proteins though. The other problem with the condiments is the preservative content and sugar content. I rarely consume Ketchsup or Mustard these days (ha ha...rarely eat lettuce wrapped low-carb burgers), but they contain Sugar, Corn Syrup, and/or High Fructose Corn Syrup! So you want an organic or natural brand that doesn't add sugar or uses brown sugar at the very least. I do know that Delmonte only uses sugar, but Hienz uses the others and so, it's off limits.

As for the Glyemic Load, this is a better way of measuring than the Glycemic Index, the amount of glucose and how fast it will be metabolized in your system and spike your insulin levels. Some acne sufferers are sensitive to just sugar content and others are sensitive to the way certain foods affect their system & insulin levels, but not overall sugar content. That's why others can eat all the fruits and veggies they want (they have fiber) and not have problems. Where as others have found that some fruits were problematic for them. This may have to do with their sugar content, or ability to be an allergic or Intolerant rxn inducing food (you decide).

(Organic) Tortilla chips, potatos (chips), etc can be baked, not fried, but since you may not know which it is, I would judge based on the ingredients on the package. If it has transfats, than it's a no no. If it doesn't eat it and see what happens. In general fried food is frowned upon, but it's even worse when you consume fried food made with trans fats. Once in awhile is fine, but other than that, in regards to your skin, you will have to decide how much you can handle.

I honestly don't know about eggs, but the paleodiet says no to cooked eggs. You could test that out if you want. Eating them cooked for a 2 weeks and then eating them not cooked for 2 weeks and see how your skin behaves. Then again, I don't eat eggs very often, maybe 1 - 2x a month I'll have scrambled eggs or an omelet and other months not at all.

While there are gluten-free alcohols, in general these mess with your blood sugar levels (can lower it or raise it) and they also deplete your body of essential nutrients that are required for, proper hormonal metabolism, among other areas. So drink sparingly.

Help much? ;-)

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