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So I am not the ONLY one who gets outbreaks after masturbation, huh!? :)

I've done few 'tests'- about a year ago, I used to masturbate DAILY, and guess what? my face would breakout overnight, with cystic acne too.
And it's not only masturbation, it also involves sex.
In general, whenever I ejaculate more than ONCE a week, I breakout, I get a more oily face and a burning sensation in my cheeks.

Today I've managed to cut down my masturbation to once or twice a month, and guess what? my face has improved, I've tried a lot of medications out there, none of them really worked for me, the only thing I use at the moment is benzoyl peroxide whenever I see a pimple.

Anyway, I've made a HARD decision here, I decided not to masturbate more than twice a month, and avoid everything that would arouse me. hehe
It's a tough decision but I'd rather have an acne free face than enjoy a moment with myself then regret it for the next week.
[quote]Originally Posted by weezmatic
I can't believe some of you guys would choose masturbation over an acne free face.
Masturbation is such a dirty practice, its sinful too.[/quote]

If you believe this then you also must believe No sex before marriage, only have sex if it's life giving (ie. no condoms, oral pleasure etc..)

It all falls under the same catagory and almost no one follows this!

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