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Are you clear when u dont masturbate? Do you have oily skin?
My skin heals up faster when I don't masturbate and yes, I get clear within TWO weeks of no masturbation.
My skin is sort of oily, however it gets REALLY oily after I am done masturbating.
So I am not the ONLY one who gets outbreaks after masturbation, huh!? :)

I've done few 'tests'- about a year ago, I used to masturbate DAILY, and guess what? my face would breakout overnight, with cystic acne too.
And it's not only masturbation, it also involves sex.
In general, whenever I ejaculate more than ONCE a week, I breakout, I get a more oily face and a burning sensation in my cheeks.

Today I've managed to cut down my masturbation to once or twice a month, and guess what? my face has improved, I've tried a lot of medications out there, none of them really worked for me, the only thing I use at the moment is benzoyl peroxide whenever I see a pimple.

Anyway, I've made a HARD decision here, I decided not to masturbate more than twice a month, and avoid everything that would arouse me. hehe
It's a tough decision but I'd rather have an acne free face than enjoy a moment with myself then regret it for the next week.
Hey I don,t think that masterbating is actually causing your acne but i do agree that it can make the problem worse.
My personal opinion is that nobody actually knows the real cause of ACNE but as sufferers we all know what makes our complaint worse at times.
More research needs to be done into acne as surely there is just a little something not right somewhere in our body that causes this problem and i bet it can probably be cured really easily,I genuinley believe that the powers that be do not want to find a cure for our problem or they already have but don,t want us to find out because the acne product market must be worth billions of dollars to pharmacutical companies,
calle me sceptical but come on they can send men to the moon but can,t even find the cause of oily skin and blemishes in the year 2004.
[QUOTE=mman]You would think not masterbating would increase testosterone and lead to acne??[/QUOTE]

Not masturbating would decrease testosterone's flow in your blood, I don't really think testosterone is my main problem, as I do get turned on a lot, and getting turned on means an increase of testosterone in the blood, it's just when I ejaculate -- something goes wrong when I ejaculate.

if I do it once/twice every two weeks, I don't get any major breakouts, just redness, more oil, burning in my face and small bumps that disappear within two days, however when I do it more than that, I get cystic acne!!

I've been on and off B5f for the last few weeks, and guess what? I've noticed this morning that my forehead is not as oily as it usually is when I don't take it!
I am not taking high dosages of B5, but somehow it is working... well at least, I am hoping it is. :)

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