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Grracne (and any other guys thinking about spiro) - I am a male and have been taking 50 mg/day of spiro for about 1 month now, and am very happy with the results. I am also using Tazorac topical, and I think that both are having a positive effect, but that the spiro is primarily responsible for my improved condition. My derm had no problem prescribing spiro for a male -- his only hesitation was based on the fact that spiro most commonly has positive effects for females who are suffering from a type of horomonal acne, and he wondered whether it would be effective for a male (his concern was not related to potential side effects for males).

Do your research outside of this board and see what the scientists and pharmacologists have to say about spiro -- this drug is not prohibited for men, and the often-mentioned "anti male" side effects occur very infrequently. If you can get comfortable with what your research reveals, you might want to give spiro a shot, at least at a low dosage. I have a long way to go to declare complete victory, but at least for now I'm very glad I tried it.
Gee all you ppl on here sound like getting spiro is pretty easy.Not for me i get acne mostly on my chin,and have light hair on my face.I went to the derm asked her about spiro and she didnt want to give it to me till she tried other things for my face.She told me that spiro is a strong drug and not something to be taken lightly.She gave me a prescription for doxy and differin gel.If it doesnt help we'll try something else in 6 wks.She looked at my face told me that my acne wasnt that bad and neither was my facial hair.I paid her 65 bucks to not listen to me.A long time ago i had cystic acne i was put on accutane and it worked beautifully.Years later it came back.Now i have a problem with my cholesterol and cant take accutane .I tried topicals and antibiotics before to no avail.I told her this but she still wouldnt give me spiro.If spiro has minimal side effects whats the big deal about her prescribing it for me?Should i try the stuff she gave me or go see another derm or endo?If and endo do i have to go thru a doctor first for a referral or can i just make an appt myself?I have unitedhealthcare insurance.Thanks for listening.Take care.

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