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I have read that hyperpgimenation (thats the red marks left behind after the acne lesion is gone) can take up to 6-18 months to fully heal, and that the scar it may leave isnt necesarry a scar at all but just a process the skin goes threw to heal it self and eventually that mark will fade.

My question is that the red marks i have had were from cyst, which can lead to permanet scaring, so do i have permanet scars or does that the fact that i have hyperpigmentation help my situation?

If its true that the marks will go away i guess i can be a little forunuate that i do get red marks after the cyst goes away.But because it was a cyst not a regualr pimple will that make the scars stay?

Thanks i really would appreciate any comments on this.
iIhad cystic acne and the brown spots do fade but usually it takes a very long time
The permanent scares people talk about are the indented type. Your face repairs itself all the time, so the red marks will fade and go away. But yes it takes many months for this to happen. But id still rather have redmarks than indents, or active pimples/cysts for that matter. Good Luck..take some vitamin e, and maybe even some creme and im sure that speeds up the healing process, maybe not noticable, but im sure it does help.
If you don't have pitted scars, just red spots, most of them should go away, in time. It really does take a while, though! Something that helped me to speed up the process was finding a good, gentle exfoliant ( I use Dermalogica, but there are other good ones out there) and I also had 3 microdermabrasion treatments. Once I had them, I finally turned the corner and now I only have a few faded spots that can be covered with makeup.
I do have a lot of shallow marks left while they still are pinkish.

I have a pitted mark near one side of my cheek but it doesnt bother me much.

Also on one cheek i have had a lot of cyst pimples appear so that area is very shallow i guess indented while some of it is still pinkish. is that considered pitted or indented?

Is there hope for that area or am i gonna need surgery. I think in 4-5 months im going to get something done, cause i can see some marks from areas i popped its like a line on top of the red spot so its got to be a scar.
For me the scars fade completely in less than a month.
Some kid had deep hyperpigmentation scars. I would observe him bc it was interesting. It took the whole school year so it could start fading but when i saw him the last day they were almost gone; and he had dark read scars.
i don't know if i hav hyperpigmentation and would like to know what it is. I have a red spot on my face but i have the same kind od spot on the inside on my arm and one on my finger. I've had the spot on my face for over a year and nothing has changed. I've tried putting acne medicine on it because i didn't know what it was. That didn't help either. I also has redness in the creasess between my nose and cheeks. is that hyperpugmentation. is there anything you can do for hyperpigmentation? :confused:
So that kid in your school was left with scars still by the end of the year?

I have one red spot on my cheek its been there for about 2 years, it never got a chance to hear properly cause i kept getting more acne in that spot.

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