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Anything taken incorectly will have bad side effects. If B5 (pantothenic acid) is taken correctly the only side effect will be less oil production, leading to clearer skin.

Chronic fatigue syndrom has been mentioned, however it's more or less caused by people not takeng a B complex every day. The body will not get enough B1, 2, 3, and 6. This would have a damaging effect on any healthy body; And if the person is unhealthy the effect could be disasterous.

I have heard of people taking B5 at 20 Grams a day for as long as 4 months. They were prefectly fine during and after the B5 treatment.

Acutane is a drug, and for many it has serious side effects.
B5 is found in nature, and will have no long lasting undesirable side effects when used correctly.

Many body builders use this vitamin to improve endurance. But no major medical research is being done, simply because there is no money to be made. You can't patenet a vitamin. No feasible profit, means no clynical research. Thats the same reason there have been no more acne/B5 studies done. What company could gain from footing the bill for another study? None.

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