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I will not argue with you in the effects of oxygen - bacteria cannot live in it, that is how our skin heals itself. In other countries, they use pure oxygen to fight major diseases and infections such as cancer. Here in the US, however, the medical field would never explore the uses of oxygen in curing diseases (including acne) because it would destroy their economy - everything from drug companies to insurance companies to medical schools. People have known about the power of oxygen for a long time. Some companies have tried to bottle it to sell to acne sufferers (oxzit) but it is not that simple. Yes, oxygen is the cure to acne, but not through hydrogen peroxide or benzoyl peroxide. They are both way too harsh and in killing some bacteria, they will destroy your skin. If you are a scientific guy(?) like you sound that you are, please help us find this oxygen cure, not just for acne but for even more destructive diseases. Sorry to go on, perhaps this should be another thread. I'm just saying that I see where you are coming from with HP but I still would not recommend it, it upsets the chemistry of your skin.

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