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I have been using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for a month now after I read about it on this great board -and after doing some of my own research.

I use it after my Cetaphil gentle cleanser in place of toner and I love it, the results are really great. I'm 26 and I have moderate to sever acne. (Sever when their are cysts to do battle with) I have tried everything but Accutaine in my search for clear, predictable skin.

I was always reluctant to use it because of the common perception that Hydrogen Peroxide has as being too harsh, but this simply isnít true. Many progressive, honest Dermatologists (those being the non-cash grabbing kind) recommend it as an integral step in controlling oil production and as a effective, GENTEL, acne bacteria killer. And at $2 a bottle, itís a very affordable alternative as well.

I you feel like trying it, use a cotton pad to apply it evenly on your face. It will sting a bit the first week but this decreases with continual use. Just be sure to watch those side burns and eye brows! -because it will lighten them big time. (It won't, however, bleach your skin at the 3% solution, just hair pigmentation hence its use in hair salons)
Be sure to wait about 4 min after applying the HP to absorb and then apply a good, light moisturizer.

The only byproduct of Hydrogen Peroxide after it absorbs into the skin is water and oxygen! Which of course are both naturally occurring in our bodies. It is the oxidation process that kills the bad bacteria that produces acne. This in conjunction with a good diet (no dairy, reduced sugar consumption, no sodas, bleached flour, ect. ect. See Prometheus great threads on diet and what to avoid) has done wonders for me.

Another reason why most Doctors don't recommend Hydrogen Peroxide is that it's non patentable and hence, not profitable.

Best of Luck
I just stated this on another post, but will do so again because I don't want people destroying their skin with Hydrogen Peroxide. Dermatologists don't recommend it because it is way too harsh. I used it for 6 months because I had oily skin (no acne) and it seemed to dry my skin out and made it feel really good. I also used it as a mouth wash and constantly got compliments on how white my teeth were. After 6 months, I developed adult acne and major teeth problems. My pimples began to blow up, the acne was out of control and damaged skin could not repair itself. I had destroyed essential parts of my skin with the HP. In my mouth, I got infections on my gums, the gums had receeded a great deal, and I had got several cavities (which is weird because I am obsessive about taking care of my teeth). Ihad stripped my teeth of essential layers as well. Hydrogen Peroxide is fine in small amounts - like in Witch Hazel or over the counter toothpastes - but please - do not destroy your skin with using it pure from the bottle. It is deceiving.

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