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[QUOTE=triggert]How much copper and zinc are you taking? And why would this help increase the intake of A? I just naturally assumed that since you didn't have to take anything with Accutane (which is basicly a supped up Vitamin A) that it wouldn't be a good idea to take anything with Vitamin A. Did you notice any kind of breaking out in the first week or so Neca? I'm taking also taking protein and creatine which could of caused my break-out.


copper & zinc are generally taken together as they can reduce the other. However there are several vitamins & minerals that help to make Vitamin A into a natural form of Accutane (13-cis retinoic acid). Those are B1, B2, Selenium, and some others, however I know that Zinc contributes to Vitamin A being converted into 13 cis retinoic acid. So if you add nothing else, take Zinc. Also Zinc sulphate (+b6) is a natural anti-androgen just like accutane is and also an anti-inflammatory, so taking it will boost your acne fighting power in more ways than one!

The anti-androgen & DHT inhibiting study used Zinc Sulphate, but I've heard that others also work and these are the forms available:

Zinc Sulphate mono- and hepta-hydrate
Zinc Carbonate
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Citrate
Zinc Acetate
Zinc Orotate
Zinc Chelate
Zinc Picolinate
Zinc Gluconate
Zinc Methionine (Optizinc)

I don't know about the exact doses, but if you can taste zinc (metallic) then you are taking too much. Also, the form of zinc is very important as some are more absorbable as others, and they may all behave the same way in regards to healing acne, so I will keep researching this one. =)

Also, for those concerned with the use of large doses of Vitamin A, you can take lots of Beta Carotene and your body will convert it into Vitamin A and then 13-cis retinoic acid as it needs to. Since carotenes are pigments, you know you are taking too much when your skin changes color, so then reduce your amount accordingly ;-)

Oh and according to [B]Dr. Atkin's - Vita Nutrient Solution [/B] a good acne fighting regimen program at safer doses would be:

1. [B]NO[/B] Sugars & Refined Carbohydrates [and Trans Fats] as this contributes to acne production (I can attest) and LOWERS these supplements effectiveness!

2. [B]Zinc[/B] monomethionine (Optizinc) 30 - 100mg

3. [B]B5[/B] - 5mg - 1g

4. [B]Vitamin E[/B] (d-alpha tocopheral acetate or mixed natural tocopherals) 400 IU - 3,000 IU

5. [B]Acidolphilus[/B] (helps metabolize nutrients)

6. [B]GLA [/B] (much more antiandrogenic than Zinc, anti-inflammatory) - 240mg - 1g

7. [B]Vitamin A [/B] - 100,000 IU

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