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it would be great if the Derms. are right when they say food doesnt affect acne.. sadly, i have proof to the contrary..

my husband got ill and we found out it was celliac, a condition where a person's insides react to 'gluten'(wheat, barley, rye, ALL derivatives including malt, barley malt, oats, etc) as if it were poison. it is very painful.

i decided, this past december, to give it a try. within a week, cysts which were there for the past month, healed. a marked, undeniable difference. i notice, also, if i eat chocolate or white sugar, i get pimples. this past week, i had some coffee with white sugar(i can have one cup per week with no problems if i use honey), some tostitos corn chips aka hydrogenated oil, plus some of my husband's snicker's bar and the next morning i had three HUGE red pimples.. not cysts. thank goddess.

i avoid dairy as of two months ago, and have been vegetarian(no eggs) for six years.

i am still having trouble, but i have my complexion back. i can see my pale beautiful skin with a few imperfections, as opposed to huge cystic clusters, whiteheads, and red painful ones too.

it is a stuggle. i started antibiotic (doxycycline 100mg/day) about 6 weeks ago with mild to moderate improvement. the was a change at the one month mark, so i am hoping for another such change at the two month point.. *crosses fingers*

i am curious about the first person's list. i eat apples and bananas. i also eat rice in some form everyday.

has anyone found it beneficial to eliminate tuna, since it is so high in omega fatty acids i figure it should be a boon to one's condition..?

thanks for reading, good luck to all..!!

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