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Hi everybody- Iam tired of watching these big CYSTIC bumps hide under my skin for weeks. My skin condition is, its smooth and all, I get no pimples on the surface, but I get huge CYSTS under the skin. They've traumatized my social life these past couple of years.

So a month ago, I began starting reseaching these buggers on the net and tried various remedies that didnt work. But I am not going to give up - theres gotta be a natural cure for CYSTIC ACNE, I've tried Accutane 3 years ago and it did get rid of the bumps - but I had painful eyes, a sore nose with nose bleeds, aching bones, I just felt aweful, well after the treatment, about 5 months later the CYSTs came back,

But do you know whats weird afte being off ACCUTANE for a year and living with my huge CYSTic ACNE - I moved to New York for about 6 months and my cstic Acne disappeared. But when I moved back home to where it was dry and cold in the winter, and dry dry in the summer, the Major CYSTS came back on my face. I was in hiding for a while because it got so bad. Well anyways after being home for a year I then moved to Los Angeles for school, and all of a sudden my CYSTIC acne disappeared. After completing my year of school there (mind you clear skin), I moved back home (Alberta CANADA) where its dry, the CYSTIC ACNE came back. So something is happening that has got rid of my CYSTIC ACNE - So I am going to figure out what it is. I kinda have an idea what cures my CYSTIC acne, I think its moisture, humidy, and the sun. But how can I duplicate that environment at home where its dry dry cold in the winter, and dry dry hot in the summer. No humidy at all in ALBERTA CANADA, because of the Chinook winds that dry up the AIR. So I know WINTER and DRY AIRcauses my CYSTIC ACNE.

So IN weeks to come I am going to try and create an at home enviroment remedy that cures my CYSTIC ACNE - I'll keep you posted on the results.

Please feel free to comment. I bet you if a lot of us with CSTIC Acne joined together and researched this together, I betcha we can find a natural cure for CYSTIC ACNE. If your thinking there isnt, your are wrong. Because Dermotoligist today only rely on prescription medicine for treatment from pharmicutical companies. PLUS pharmacotical companies only create drugs that can be patent for profits. No one researchs natural cures, because no one can patent it as a product. nor make money off it. So I truely believe there is a natural cure out there - lets find it together.

Please post your findings - I WILL - This CYSTIC ACNE is not going to make my life miserable anymore. If my skin breaks out from various remidies, its going to be no surprise because I lived with it for ten years. I am not going to stop until I find something that natural works to stop CYSTIC ACNE! I know my cause for it which took years to back up. Will you help join my fight!

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