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I by no means have horrible acne. I occasionally get a pimple here or there, but on my forehead I have small flesh colored bumps. Well, I went to the dermo and he prescribed Differin Gel. I used that, and then quit after my face looked better. Well now I am breaking out again, and I started using the differin gel again and my face is peeling (talk about hard to put on makeup with this peeling occuring). No only does it peel but it burns when I sweat sometimes. My forehead and cheeks are also oily by the end of the day (this was happening even during the time I quit using the Differin Gel). I was talking to my friend about this and she said she went to her dermo and kept asking him for a stronger med, and she was at the point where the next resort would be accutane. She started taking Yasmin for medical problems, and her skin became flawless as a result. I have an appt with my dermo, and I wanted to know how to bring up this situation without it sounding like I want to get on Birth Control for other reasons too. I really do not want to have to apply a medication, and would rather take it orally. Is there anything else I could take (becides B.C.) that would have the same effect? I do not need Accutane for sure (my face is not that bad).

Any help?

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