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lol, i thought that was a funny headlines. anyways i read on another board about how egg yolk does wonders for your skin. i am not sure, but i think i t makes my skin better, until though i get off of it. i stop suddenly for some days, maybe even a week and then all of a sudden i get these deep pimples underneath the skin. i got about 2 of them and i never get these usually. so i thought is was from getting off the egg, so i do the mask again after trying to extract the pimples, which i couldnt. anyways, the egg made the pimples pretty much almost go away the next day.

when i used it after not using it for a week suddenly, i felt a itchiness and tingling or something when i had it on. then i used it the next day and did not feel anything at all. was all that itchiness and stuff from my skin taking in the ingredients and fighting my bad skin cause i needed it or what?

anyways, now i am afraid to get off the egg thinking ill have a crazy breakout again.

Keep in mind that i had these deep pimples for a few days before i tried the egg yolk mask again and during those days i tried bp which didnt work at all to get rid of them.

Another thing is that what caused these honkers on my face might actually also be something else ive been doing lately. i heard you should put bp on your face to "prevent" not just to get rid of acne. so ive been layering my face every night with bp all over my forehead, chin and a few other places. i recently stopped doing this.

Was it the egg, or the recent bp layers i was putting on my face lately?

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