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Hi guys, as the creator of a former HP thread that advocated its use, I am now discontinuing my month long use of Hydrogen Peroxide (as my toner) because of much research on the topic of free radical formation. The 3% aqueous solution that you buy from drug stores isn't stable and the extra oxygen molecule in HP can play havoc with cells. The creams that contain HP are a bit better because they couple HP with anti- oxidants like vitamin and C but they're still iffy.

So what am I using now? In my quest to stay as natural as possible when dealing with acne (and diet), I have discovered Burt's Bees products and so far I'm extremely impressed.

I use Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap -for Oily and Troubled Skin, along with the Garden Tomato Toner -with Natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. I also use the Citrus Facial Scrub to exfoliate. The toner and soap are really cool, 99% natural, and smell/feel really good. Iím watching my black head farm on my nose slowly begin to normalize and recede into nothingness lol and did I mention everything smells great?

It's definitely a bit pricy though compared with the standard drug store fair but if it works, I don't care how much it costs. I found them at an organic grocery store called Capers here in Vancouver Canada. Really itís only about double what most Neutrogena products are so it's not totally nuts and the soap cleanser will last for months.
[QUOTE=Ethan06]In my quest to stay as natural as possible when dealing with acne (and diet), I have discovered Burt's Bees products and so far I'm extremely impressed.[/QUOTE]

Ethan, I am so glad you have chosen to take the natural route to heal your acne. Not only will your skin be soooo grateful but your entire body/all round health will improve significantly.

If only people would put aside their obssession with quick fixes (regardless of the side-effects with the products) and just sit back and appreciate how important nature can be in helping us achieve what we want.

I also use Burt's Bees toothpaste and even though changing from the mainstream brands to this one was a bit strange to start with, I really like it now. All natural ingredients and NO fluoride :D therefore if you swallow any of it, you won't be harming yourself. This, unfortunately, isn't the case with Aquafresh, Colgate, Crest and most mainstream brands. These contains such potent ingredients that swallowing a significant amount could harm you.

I have tried Burt's Bees other products but they sound equally good: "Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap -for Oily and Troubled Skin" haha what a cool name for a product. I'm about to start using products by Aubrey Organics which is another all natural company. Supposedly they are great.

Good on you also Ethan for dumping the Hydrogen Peroxide!!!
I've been using HP for over three months. My skin looks great! No indication of cell death or cell walls being ruined??!! I have also done my research. HP is not this horrible thing that some on this board are accusing it of. It returns the acidity to your skin, is an antiseptic and helps oxygenate skin, amongst other things. I exfoliate two to three times a week and always moisturize. I hardly believe that HP is any more harmful to skin than the majority of acne treatments out there. As for natural treatments, I am all for those types of treatments. I am using HP and taking Evening Primrose oil, which for women is supposed to balance hormones. I have to say that this is ringing absolutely true for me. So teaming the HP and the primrose oil has been great for me. If you are truly worried about the HP, use half HP and half Tea Tree oil or any other tone you like. I use Origins products and absolutely love them! The last week I've been using a solution of half my Origins toner and half HP (just to see if I can wean off all "acne cures", as I've weaned off my antibiotics as well). You can dillute the HP with a bit of water too. Bottom line, if it has been working for you, stay with it. I guess there are so many things that are harmful to us in this world that this doesn't rank up there with smoking, overeating, or being on a antibiotics which has terrible side effects. And it's not going to give you cancer!!

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