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Ok, I think for most people, like for me, the nose is a different area than the rest of the face in that it's usually more oily and requires different treatment options than the rest of the face.

Anyhow, I have noticed two things.
1. zits on my rest of the face usually take 2 days to go away. On the nose i have to wait like at least a week...what the h~ll man...
2. I've got a big *** zit on the left side of my nose right now, and I have no idea how to treat it. It is a red buldge but unlike normal pimples don't have a "head" that I can pop to get all the puss out...I'm so embarrassed walking i tried kind of to poke it with a needle last night, but that hurt like hell so i couldn't go through it to release the puss. I'm just fu~ked.

How have you treated this/what is your experience with this area? I'm trying to use retinA on it now...which might be a mistake...but that has worked well on the rest of my face.

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