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Hey guys,

I've been TOTALLY stressed out lately, there's absolutely nothing worse than clearing up your face then having acne back again!

Anyway, I am just wondering, my face has been exfoliating iff a lot lately, it's like sort of dry, I used benzoyl peroxide for a while then stopped it, now I am only on B5, I've noticed that the oils have decreased a lot with only 2grams a day.

My acne has improved, now I only get small bumps that disappear within a day or two, however those bumps leave red marks behind them which go away within a week, anyway can the dryness of my face affect my acne in a bad way?

Thanks! :p
In my experience, dry skin is only slightly more desirable than oily skin - both are highly conducive to acne. The trick for me has been using a gentle pH neutral soap that is actually supposed to restore normal pH levels and not leave the face overdry. If you're in Canada, I highly recommend Spectro Jel or Spectro Derm, both of which I understand are not available over the counter in the States. Needless to say, you should wash your face only when necessary (ie., on waking and retiring) and make sure that the water is not excessively hot. Also beware of certain types of moisturizer that may contain irritants for people with problematic complexions - try to find a 100% aloe vera solution.

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