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I''m getting clear like this:

anyhow just a comment, this morning I saw this huge red bump on my right cheek, I was so scared and kind of angry, i thought i was gonna have a bit zit. I was so hungry after working out last night, I had a pound and a half of gulash...w/ strawberry topped cake for dessert and some more waffles w/ whipped cream probably not good).

I'm am now so happy...when i walked into the bath room and realized it had completely gone seems...this is saddening...i am made so happy by such a simple thing as NOT having something i shouldn't be having.

[B]Anyhow...i am staying clear like this:[/B]
wash face w/ warm water, no soap, no nothing...not even a towel...just hands. then apply moisturizing lotion w/ spf 15 (neutragena healthy skin i think)

wash face w/ warm water, dry with towel, apply RetinA.

I've been doing this for the past 9 months and it started to be working after maybe 3 and got effective by 5 maybe.

I've added this in the last 2 weeks.../ i can't reply on it's true effectiveness yet long term:
-antioxidants at around 10pm...after 2 hrs after dinner.
-zink supplement = only 12 days into we'll see.

[QUOTE=euro18]hey aaron, I am a guy. I am getting clear thru a mixture of dietary changes and two topicals that I found - I will post about them very soon if they keep working. I just want to make sure they are working before I recommend them to others you know?

How are you getting clear?[/QUOTE]

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